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The legendary BullFest was the countries first and most infamous Lamborghini Only Rally.  Created by Driving Force Club and assisted by LINQ Project (before there was LINQ Project) during their last 3 years. BullFest was before its time and set the precedent for its competitors for years to come. BullFest New York and Miami always had a turn out of 100+ bulls and often turned dozens away for lack of capacity. There was a camaraderie unlike any other that is often lost at rallies these days. The event created relationships that will last a life time, unforgettable memories, and limitless inspiration. 

BullFest is where our love affair with rallies began. BullFest was created by Driving Force Club in 2007.  In 2017, we worked alongside DFC and needed to be a part of it further. The following two years LINQ Project assisted in the event planning and production of BullFest Miami. It was because of BullFest that we were able to expand and grow our own events such as Running w/ the Bulls NYC and Exotic Car Showdown.


BullFest Miami 2019 began Friday February 22nd at Ferraro's Kitchen where the essence of Italy was encompassed in the candle lit courtyard. 


Saturday began with the annual BBQ at Prestige Imports Lamborghini Miami where the parking lot was flooded with over 120 Lamborghini's of all years and models. In true Miami fashion the vehicles roared the streets to Gilbert's Resort in Key Largo. Later that evening participants met again at Smith & Wollensky for a dinner overlooking a gorgeous bayside view. 


Sunday was driving day, and it started early. Breakfast was served at the beautiful Frost Science Museum where guests were given private behind the scenes access. A driver’s meeting followed breakfast and then it was time to really enjoy the fantastic machines that we dedicated this weekend to. From Miami we took a spirited jaunt towards Naples along the oh-so-straight Alligator Alley. The group stopped at the Seminole Reserve to fuel up before a stopover at Seasons 52 for lunch. 


BullFest Miami 2018  began Friday February 23rd at infamous We Are Curated in Downtown Miami for the introductory gathering where owners and passengers shared their enthusiasm for the days to come. Rusty Pelican, a waterfront restaurant, helped close out the day with Miami’s amazing skyline as a backdrop. But the real fun was to begin in the morning …


Saturday began with the annual BBQ at Lamborghini Miami. After lunch, our route took us north to the Florida Turnpike, south to Downtown, and roaring through the Port of Miami tunnel. Finally we arrived at Jungle Island just in time for a fabulous sunset. After an exhausting day, participants were given time to relax and unwind before the group gathered again for a dinner party on the top floor at the award winning 1111 Lincoln Road catered by some of Miami’s favorite local spots.


Sunday (the main event) started early. A driver’s meeting followed breakfast and then it was time to take the journey along Alligator Alley to Naples. The group stopped for a quick fuel run at the Seminole Reserve before a stopover at the Ritz Carlton for lunch. To top off the weekend we even went through the Tamiami Trail and stopped to see some alligators!

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