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LINQ Project is a branding and consulting agency specializing in the creation, development, and implementation of digital media strategies, as well as curating bespoke event production.


Our team of dreamers are those that stay up late all night thinking of innovative visions that haven’t been done before... and then we do them.


We are problem-solvers, notorious for audacious ideas and stunning results. Dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure any project’s success, while providing a seamless and enjoyable experience. We have the skills, resources, expertise, and fervor to make dreams happen.


Every project is a passion project. We build long-term relationships with charismatic brands. We are radical modernists. The next generation of consumers isn’t buying into the social norms and we never have. We build voices that connect audiences and make a statement.


At the core of LINQ Project, we have strong ethos that guides everything that we do. We approach each project as if it were an art project with a sense of childlike wonder and excitement that fuels our creativity. We strive to create an environment where everyone involved, both those working with us and for us, share this passion and enthusiasm. The goal of our creations and being is to spark joy and wonder.

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